Stage - La Boîte du Chef

Internship - La Boîte du Chef

February - May 2018


Conception of several elements during an Internship in a professional environnement for 2 and a half month. Internship led in the company “La Boite du Chef”, a branch of the Europea group, directed by Jerôme Ferrer.

I allowed the computing team to progress more easily in their work by providing them my knowledge in multimedia as much as possible.

I produced several creations with the help of Photoshop and Illustrator during this period: visit cards, Intranet visuals, gift cards and much more.

I also created an Intranet site, serving as a directory, where every profile and contact information of the employees are classified and I analysed the web site and the competitors’ ones in order to improve our own.

You can find the website of “La Boite Du Chef” at this URL :