Logos of GreenLearning - Créa Campus

GreenLearning - Pépite competition

October - March 2019

Graphic design

Participating in "Créa Campus", for almost 6 months. I joined a team of 5 people, in order to lead and carry out a project from A to Z.

What is Créa Campus? Créa Campus is a pedagogical business creation contest organized by PEPITE Centre Val de Loire and open to all students from BAC + 2.

We started with the idea of creating a start-up, which would work as a training structure, “Green Learning”. We want to enable people with a strong interest in environmentally friendly uses with a desire to engage, having a project in the field of ecology or in connection with ecology. So we imagined a whole new concept: the creation of a training centre, the establishment of an internship and a website.

I took care of the mock-ups and wireframe of the site, as well as the logos of our mini company. This under Photoshop and Illustrator.

To learn more about it, you can find the website of Pépite - Créa Campus at this URL : http://www.pepite-centre.fr/crea-campus/

Mock-up of the website GreenLearning