The Chair

January - February 2018


Conception of a video game involving 3D, virtual reality and real elements. Project led as part of the Study Completion Project with a development team of four people, with the help of Maya for the 3D, Unity 3D for the game conception (interaction, creation of the world, importation of Maya’s elements...), Photoshop, Illustrator Première Pro and After Effect.

I shared in the programming of this game, setting up the required C# in Unity 3D. I didn’t know how Unity worked, as well as the C#. This was a great discovery for me, and for my teammates.

I have also been responsible for the creation of the website, going through the obligatory steps: tree structure, mock-up, content writing, and site design as such.

We are all very proud of the end result of our End of Studies Project.

You can find the website of “The Chair” at this URL :

You can find the Trailer of “The Chair” at this URL :